Charleston Mayor Joe Riley Honored Friday

40 years can bring a lot of honors for a Mayor… And today as he nears retirement…Charleston’s Mayor Joe Riley was the guest of honor at a celebration of service to the federal agencies he has worked with in downtown Charleston.

Friday morning, at the Coast Guard sector ,he was honored.

The group made up of 40 military and civilian federal entities in the Charleston area will be hosting the event to thank the Mayor for his 40 years of service bringing the city through many high profile events.

Mayor Joe Riley, Charleston “One thing we’ve always been so proud of is the quality of life and the friendliness of the citizens of charleston such an attraction I the federal agencies and it’s such an attraction the federal agencies who transferred here they love coming and they hate to leave and that’s a tribute for the citizens of charleston … They are warm and friendly and to be honored by them means a whole lot to me.”

This event was for stakeholders, however, the “Thanks Joe!” event which was postponed due to the recent flooding for the public will be held on October 25th.

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