#BabiesForBernie campaign is just cute politics

Step aside, Halloween. There’s a new — and more political — reason for dressing babies in cute costumes: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The #BabiesForBernie hash tag is taking social media by storm, with parents posting photos of their little ones donning Sanders’ signature white hair and glasses, along with onesies, signs and other props promoting Sanders’ campaign.

“It’s never too soon to talk to your children about the political revolution,” posted one Instagram account along with a photo of an infant sporting glasses, a tie and even bushy white eyebrows.

Another Instagram user posted a photo of a baby with glasses and white hair edited into the photo. “Ok, I’ll play,” reads the caption.

Regardless of one’s political party preference, it’s plain to see why these white-haired cuties are sweeping the Internet with their message.


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