Social Media aims to help #SCFLOOD victims

Homes were destroyed, cars were totaled and some people across the state still don’t get to wake up in their own homes due to the flooding that hit the state of South Carolina.

As always, when something bad happens, social media reacts. The positivity and help that is pouring out of social media is tremendous.

So, how can you help?

News 2 has partnered with The American Red Cross to raise money for the flood victims. You can click the image below, or you can call 843-849-5420 all day on Monday, October 12 to donate over the phone.


The website, has set up a special Carolina Floods section where you can find different families and organizations in need after the floods destroyed their homes or even businesses.


The hashtag #FloodSCwithLove is also trending on twitter. The Newspring Church started the hashtag and it immediately took off. Many people on social media are donating their time, money and efforts to help the South Carolina flood victims.

There are so many ways to help those affected and if you can’t donate your money, you can donate your time.

One thing that South Carolina has proved through all of this, is that we are strong, we work together and we make things happen under the worst circumstances.

As Hootie and the Blowfish say…

With a little love, and some tenderness
We’ll walk upon the water
We’ll rise above the mess
With a little peace, and some harmony
We’ll take the world together
We’ll take ’em by the hand

We are South Carolina strong and we are coming together, hand in hand, to help those in need. #SCStrong #charlestonSTRONG #SCFlood



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