SCDOT: 2015 Major flood report statewide operations

Read the FULL Flood Report HERE

The SCDOT has released a report on the statewide operations after the major flood event that hit South Carolina.

Interstate I-95 South bound lanes will open Monday, 10/12/15 at 8:00 a.m. and the North bound lanes will open before Tuesday morning and as early as Monday evening.

Approximately 4,000 man hours will be utilized by the end of today repairing the substructures of 13 I-95 bridges crossing the Pocotaligo and Black Rivers, and the Tearcoat Branch. Inspection drivers are confirming repairs.

SCDOT is reminding the public that flooding is continuing in the coastal plain counties. If the road is covered with water, “turn around, don’t drown.”

SCDOT currently has 175 employees deployed to more impacted areas.

They say 2,032 maintenance employees are actively working 12 hour shifts and 322 roads are closed due to this weather event.

Currently, in Georgetown:

  • Dunbar and Outland communities are isolated due to flooding. No mandatory evacuations have been issued in these areas; however, the National Guard is providing transportation to residents who wish to leave.
  • Many roads are still flooded. Flood waters continue to rise in many areas and additional road closures are being implemented.
  • RME and two crews from Marlboro Maintenance have been relocated to Georgetown to assist with recovery efforts.
  • Two crews from Marion Maintenance have been relocated to Georgetown to assist with recovery efforts.
  • Repair crews are working from 0700-1900. On-call crew works overnight and responds to calls as needed.
  • National Guard is manning road closures.

Currently, in Williamsburg:

  • All sections of US 52, SC 377, SC 261, US-521, and SC 375 have been opened to traffic.
  • Many secondary roads are still flooded.
  • Three crews from Dillon Maintenance and one District Bridge Crew have been relocated to Williamsburg to assist with recovery efforts.
  • RME from Dillon will be relocated to Williamsburg beginning Monday to assist with recovery.
  • Hauling crews (6 trucks) from District 4 will report Monday to assist with hauling repair materials to job sites.
  • Repair crews are working from 0700-1900. On-call crew works overnight and responds to calls as needed.

Additional Notes

  • Motorists are reminded to please use caution when driving because conditions are changing due to the flooding. Some roads that appear safe have recently collapsed so conditions are constantly changing.
  • District Traffic Engineering is reviewing road closures and developing detour plans for long term road closures.
  • Road/Bridge repairs that will be performed by contractors are being prioritized by District staff.

District 6 Noteworthy items for Daily Report:
• Edisto River dropped 1 foot
• S-1958 crossline repair – Chas
• Edisto Island drainage
• Main Rd (S-20) washout repair – Chas
• US 78 at Four Hole swamp opened and shoulders repaired – Dorchester

Number of Deployed Employees: 15

Number of closed roads from previous day that are open now: 1

List of top priority roads at time of daily report where you are actively performing recover work
• US 17A, SC 63, S-161, 272, 754 – Colleton
• Six Mile & Rifle Range slope repair – Chas
• Edisto Island (SC 174) drainage & road repair
• Main Rd (S-20) washout repair – Chas
• US 17 North crossline repair – Chas
• S-993 crossline repair – Berkeley
• S-447, 376, 97, SC 402 & 45 washout repairs – Berkeley
• S-141, 377, 748, 749, 464, SC 61 washout repairs – Dorchester

List of Roads that will require segment re-construction
• 600 block Main Rd (S-20) – Chas
• SC 174 on Edisto
• S-973, 368, 993 – Berkeley
• SC642 – Dorchester

List of bridges that will need rehab or replacement
• US 52 (Rivers Ave) & I-526 – slope repair – Chas
• SC 41, US 17A – Berkeley
• S-53, S-19 – Dorchester

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