Flood waters create challenges for giving and receiving aid in Georgetown County

Deep flood waters keep roads impassable

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Flooding conditions in Georgetown County have officials still focusing on getting people out of flooded areas until the waters recede; so donation drop off sites and distribution centers have not been determined.

“We’re here to give donations to flood victims, but apparently it’s not going to be here,” said Andrea Camberg, who drove to Georgetown from Mt. Pleasant Sunday morning.

Camberg called ahead to make sure they would be met, “we got here and nobody’s here so we called and got new directions.”

The drop point she tried to use at Eagle Electric was relocated due to safety concerns from water damage in the building and the county still hasn’t named a new permanent location.

“I understand that everybody’s just trying to help, and they’re just trying to make it work,” said Camberg.

“Because it doesn’t happen right away, we kind of have to help them get into the process,” said Chris Head, a shelter manager for the American Red Cross.

Head says relief workers remain busy, responding to immediate needs, “they come out of their effected home and straight to ‘they need a place to sleep’.  This is just the primary stage for us.”

Once the waters recede, disaster assessment teams will go and establish the actual needs people have in the community, before going out and making distributions.

“It just depends on the needs of the area, whether or not they going to supply certain places,” said Head.

For now, Red Cross relief supplies like bottled water, hygiene kits, and cots are centered at the shelters, until the threat from the flood subsides.

“For us we do have to keep the majority of our supplies the best we can, in case there’s a larger effected area and we receive more clients, we need to be able to take care of those shelter,” said Head.

Red Cross will accept donations at their shelter locations, but prefer donations through RedCross.org.

County officials say there will be a permanently manned drop of location for people to make donations.  There will also be distribution centers throughout the county, but again they’ve got to get a handle on the flood waters before they can get that relief to people.

Georgetown County officials say they will drop off supplies to anyone that needs them on a case by case basis until those distribution sites are established.

If you need assistance or want to make a donation you’re asked to call their call center at 843-545-3273.

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