Beware of scam email looking to exploit new chip credit cards

If you haven’t already you will be getting a new credit card in the mail with a security chip. That plastic may be safer, but scammers have already found a way to exploit it through a bogus email.

They are tying to capitalize off what you don’t know about the new technology.

The scammers tell you to update your information to receive the card. The email even rips off logos from credit card companies to fool you.

“I didn’t know it was out there so I figured it would have been a good way for them to tell me, this is new, this is what we’re doing, and I would have fallen for it, I’m sure,” said Karen Nall, who has not received her new card yet.

We spoke over Skype with Cyber Security Expert Steven Weisman who warns if you click:

“You have 2 possible scenarios, both of which are awful. One is you may be unwittingly downloading keystroke logging information that will steal your all of the information from your computer and make you the victim of identity theft, the other alternative is it will take you to a website that looks like it’s from your credit card company or your bank and they will ask you to provide your social security number, credit card information to confirm that you are you, in fact they will use that information to make you a victim of identity theft,” said Weisman.

40% of people have already gotten their chip card. It’ll be more like 60-70% by the end of the year. That still leaves a lot of people who haven’t received or activated their card who could still be scammed.

“It might have been something I’d have fallen for, so I’m glad I know now. Thank you for educating me,” said Nall.

Know this, card companies won’t be giving you a heads-up, you’ll simply get your new card in the mail which you should activate right away.

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