Summerville residents highly concerned about rising Ashley River

SUMMERVILLE, SC – In Summerville, residents say they’re getting extremely nervous about their homes, as the Ashley River continues to rise.

Joann Ferguson says the sun peeking through the pines in their Summerville backyard was deceiving Tuesday afternoon. Ferguson looked out into her submerged backyard and said, “I know this is an odd looking structure, but it’s my husband’s greenhouse, and we built it together. I just don’t know how I’m going to replace 21 years of memories.”

Joann’s husband, William Ferguson, told News 2, “It’s a gut wrenching feeling; just the thought that it’s getting closer.”

In the White Church Place neighborhood of Summerville, the Ashley River has not come into too many homes just yet, but with each passing hour, residents say they’re growing more and more concerned.

Joann and her husband William say they’ve set markers in their yard, and have watched as the river’s flood waters rose past three foot fences and the doorway to their greenhouse. The Fergusons say the flood waters have risen over a foot-and-a-half in the past 24 hours.

William told News 2, “It’s pretty much a very helpless feeling. A feeling where you’re very limited in what you can do…Just because the rain has stopped, it doesn’t mean this is over.”

The Ashley River only has one gauge and officials say it’s in the middle of the Charleston Harbor so no one really knows how high it could get.

The National Weather Service is estimating the river will crest on Thursday.

William explained, “It’s time for us to try to get everything up as high as we can.”

The Ferguson family says they’re packing up now and heading to stay with family.

Dorchester County Emergency Management officials told News 2 the Fergusons home on White Church Lane was listed in their Code Red reverse 9-1-1 call on Sunday and say they were notified about rising water.

But officials say they cannot require the evacuation of an area until the governor calls for a mandatory evacuation.

Joann said, “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to watch my house go down the road.”

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