Shadowmoss Plantation homes flooded, then burglarized

CHARLESTON, SC – Neighbors in Shadowmoss Plantation are just starting to take a step back and assess all of the water damage from the past few days, but as if that flooding wasn’t enough, two homes were broken into while they were still underwater.

One of the victims, Sherry Maull, says, “It’s awful, awful.”

Her neighbor and the other victim, Debbie Patterson, says, “It’s a kick in the stomach. It’s just really is hard to believe anybody can actually do this while you’re going through something like this.”

The homeowners at 65 and 67 Wolk Drive left their homes because the flooding had gotten so bad, and that’s when thieves took the opportunity to break in.

Maull says, “They got in through the back with some type of boat apparently because they broke into the back of the house and tore the screen off of our screen porch.”

They shattered glass doors to get in, and stole electronics, firearms, and jewelry. Some of it had sentimental value that can never be replaced.

Patterson says, “All of my grandmother’s jewelry was in a box that my mom had upstairs, so they dumped it, took it, it’s all gone.”

Neighbors tell News 2 they already have so much on their plates, trying to deal with the aftermath of the flood, and are shocked someone took advantage of their vulnerability.

Patterson says, “For someone to take that opportunity to, you know, come in and take from when we already have things taken from us from the flood, so it’s not a good feeling.”

Both incidents have been reported to police and the victims were told authorities will be monitoring local pawn shops in case the thieves try to sell any of the items. If you happen to know who is responsible for these burglaries, you can report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

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