Ongoing efforts for flooded North Charleston residents

North Charleston partners with Charleston Home Builders Association, Charleston Electrical Contractors Association, and Triad Mechanical Contractors to restore power to flooded homes.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – With waters receding, North Charleston building officials will finally have access to previously flooded homes on Peppercorn Lane in the Pepperhill subdivision and in the Union Heights neighborhood of North Charleston.

In order to get the residents back into their homes as quickly as possible, comprehensive inspections must be completed to allow power to be restored.

The city of North Charleston is partnering with the Charleston Home Builders Association, Charleston Electrical Contractors Association, and Mechanical Contractors Association to inspect the homes at no cost to the residents.

The licensed contractors will work in concert to ensure no life safety hazards exists. Since the flood waters in many homes reached above the electrical outlets, the Electrical Contractors Association will inspect all electrical outlets, breaker boxes, and other electric-powered devices. The Triad Mechanical Contractors will inspect all HVAC units. Since the Homebuilders Association members include licensed plumbers, electricians, and mechanical contractors, their volunteers will be dispersed to assess other hazards that may exist within the homes.

If there are any unidentified flooded homes, homeowners are encouraged to call 843-740-2533 or email

“Our hearts go out to the flood victims that have been displaced,” said North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey. “In order to restore some sense of normalcy for our impacted residents, the first step is get power back to their homes so they can return. The road to full recovery will be long, but with help from our partners in the licensed contractor associations, we can speed up the process. It gives me great pride when our community rallies around others in need.”

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