Flood damage overwhelming residents in North Charleston

Flood damage from the inside of homes are piled like snow banks in one North Charleston neighborhood. Residents of New Ryder Road spent Tuesday surveying what is salvageable from the weekend flooding.

Amanda Smith toured News 2 through her home – showing what just six inches of floodwater did to her home. “The water came up through the garage initially,” said Amanda Smith, who lives in the single-story house with her fiance. “With this much water you lose all your floors, you lose any furniture that’s touching all the floors,” said Smith pointing toward the waterline visible around her home.

Smith says when she arrived in the house Sunday after the storm, earthworms writhed on the carpet. It was torn out that day. Since then a steady chorus of industrial fans have been drying the remaining moisture. She and her fiance are expecting a baby boy in February and had recently converted a home office to the nursery. “He had just – like a week before – finished new woods floors in the nursery and scraped the ceiling,” said Smith, who is 21 weeks pregnant. “I mean I guess we still have the ceiling,” she laughed.

Smith guaranteed the room will be ready for her baby boy, but got emotional when referencing the four other times the neighborhood flooded in 2015. “It could happen in a month it might be a year but this is what happens on New Ryder Road and it’s been happening since 2008,” cried Smith. She and other residents have taken up the issue with the city of North Charleston, but in the meantime the neighborhood has a mess of its own.

“On any other day I would go to my neighbors and say what can I do to help,” said Smith, “but I need help too.”

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