Officials monitor Lowcountry river levels with inclement weather expected

As the rain falls down, the waters will begin to rise in Lowcountry rivers.

Blair Holloway is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Charleston. “We should see some pretty significant rises with that much rain along both the Santee and the Edisto Rivers.”

And over many days, as water flows to the Lowcountry, “that will be a combination of the rain that’s falling directly over the rivers as well as any rain that falls, say on the Midlands and even the upstate, that water eventually works its way down stream.”

The good news is, water levels are not at a high right now. But still, “we more than likely will eventually have flood warnings out for those points. And even some potential for it to go into moderate flood if not major flood.”

The National Weather Service actually has a couple of forecast points. One is on the Santee in Jamestown, and the other is at Givhans Ferry State Park on the Edisto. They expect both to go at least to minor flood stage over the next few days. Minor flooding would be higher water than usual. Moderate flooding could impact some homes, and major flooding would be flooding of numerous homes around the rivers. All of that is possible, but the most likely scenerio is minor or moderate flooding.

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