Video: Couple frees pregnant dog after workers pave over her

People heard a dog barking from under the sidewalk. Repair workers in Russia had paved over a stray dog while fixing a collapsed sidewalk. But, neighbors came to the rescue.

Bricked up beneath this sidewalk was a dog buried alive – a pregnant dog, named Belka. Workers in the Russian city of Voronezh had repaired the collapsed sidewalk either not knowing or not caring that the dog was using the hole as a den.

PHOTOS: Couple saves trapped pregnant dog 

For two days neighbors had heard barking from beneath the sidewalk. A Russian couple who live in the building decided to dig up the dog themselves. It only required removing a couple of bricks and then a little excavating. There were happy tears as Belka was gently lifted out of the hole.

They did save Belka, but she ended up losing her puppies. Donations paid for Belka’s medical care and food. She’ll soon be adopted out to a home.

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