Poll: Majority Of South Carolinians approve Confederate Flag removal

FILE - In this Friday, July 10, 2015, file photo, an honor guard from the South Carolina Highway patrol lowers the Confederate battle flag as it is removed from the Capitol grounds in Columbia, S.C. Legions of people clapped, cheered and cried as South Carolina lowered the Confederate battle flag. But as the euphoria of the moment faded, questions over what exactly that accomplished for race relations in the United States, other than the elimination of a painful symbol of the past, began to arise. (AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

COLUMBIA, SC – Winthrop University recently surveyed 963 South Carolina residents by phone between Sept. 20 and 27 to ask them where they stood on several issues.

The Winthrop poll highlighted issues such as the Confederate battle flag removal, the national economy, President Obama’s approval rating, etc.

Two-thirds of South Carolina residents surveyed in the Winthrop Poll thought that South Carolina Legislatures made the right decision to remove the confederate flag. The group further breaks down their results by race; 54% of white respondents said it was the right decision, while 93% of black residents supported the decision.

Additionally, 40% of the survey participants believed that the flag represents racial conflict, while 47% said it stood for South pride.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating in South Carolina is 41%.  Meanwhile, congress’ approval rating is at 12% and it continues to slide.

To read more of the results found in The Winthrop Poll, click here.

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