Police searching for suspicious driver who followed and threatened 16-yr-old walking to school

The North Charleston Police Department say they are looking for the driver of a black Dodge car (possibly a Charger) after he followed and threatened a 16-year-old female student walking to Garrett school.

The teenager says she crossed Dorchester Road and began walking down Constitution when she noticed the black car at the Geralds Tire. The vehicle passed her and stopped at Lawrence and Constitution Avenue and as she got closer to the vehicle, the driver asked her for directions to her school and asked her how old she was.

The girl gave him directions and then he asked her to get in and show her.

She ignored him and she kept on walking. The car passed her again and the girl noticed the car on Oregon Street. The suspect passed her and stopped near Hull Street. As she got closer to the vehicle for the second time, the driver told her “don’t be scared, I know how to tell you this, but I have a gun and get in the car.”

The teenager ran away yelling for help. Two students from Garrett were driving by and they picked her up and took her to school.

Officials say the partial tag on the vehicle is TJ423.

The driver is described as a brown skinned male; approximately 30 to 35 years old; thin beard; wearing a gray shirt with long blue sweat pants, with a low haircut.

If you have information or if you may have seen the vehicle in the area, please contact North Charleston Police at 554-5700.

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