News 2 I-Team: Safety of children at school

CHARLESTON, SC – Severe weather, suspicious packages, and intruders all threaten the safety of school kids.

North Charleston Creative Arts principal, Eric Hansen, told News 2’s I-Team in the second week of school,  the school tightened security during four code yellow emergencies. Two of the incidents happened in one day.

“It’s something we are continuously looking at and trying to improve upon,” he told I-Team reporter Rebecca Collett.

According to National School Safety and Security Services threats rose 158% in 2014. Last school year, Charleston County School District reported 50 emergency events across the district. Many of those incidents stemmed from issues around the school.

In response to safety concerns and mass school shootings across the country, CCSD overhauled their safety procedures. Now teachers are taking on more responsibility for your student’s safety.

“When everything is occurring the hallways, the teachers are with the kids,” training officer, Tim Huey explained. “If the teachers have a plan, we trust those kids are going to be safe at the outcome.”

A series of training videos called First Five targets teachers and tackles a variety of emergencies.

“I don’t see the list ever ending,” Huey said.  “As the needs surface,  we’ll make the appropriate videos.”

This training program is getting national attention.  The Public Risk Management Association awarded the school district top honors for the series.  There are 11 videos done, and there are 29 left to film.  The school district requires each school to train on a new topic monthly.

“They allow us a weekly accountability check,” Principal Hansen said.

Nationally, bomb threats account for 44 percent of the emergencies at schools. Shootings make up 29 percent of threats.

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