Man wanted after running scam using fake autographed baseballs

Daphne Police and police departments in a dozen cities in 5 southeastern states are looking for a man who conned pawn shops with fake sports memorabilia.

Police say back in June, Shane A. Simpson went to Eddie’s Pawn Shop in Daphne wanting to pawn a baseball he said was signed by legendary player Babe Ruth.  Simpson even produced a letter of authenticity.  Eddie’s ended up loaning the man several hundred dollars with the ball as collateral.  It took time to uncover the con because pawn shops typically hold items for 90 days so that customers can recoup them if they wish.

The 90 days passed and Eddie’s sold the Babe Ruth baseball.  The new owner did a little checking and found out it was a fake.  Eddie’s refunded the money.

But during that 3 months Simpson was busy scamming other pawn shops in Texas, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia with the same con.  The latest was discovered in Marietta, Ga.

Along with fraud, forgery and theft by deception charges, Simpson is also wanted in Florida for skipping out on his probation.

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