Liuzhou, China, Rocked by ‘Massive’ Explosions; 3 Reportedly Dead

courtesy: Liucheng county of S China's Guangxi

A series of “massive” explosions rocked the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou on Wednesday, killing at least three people and injuring more than a dozen, state media reported.

A local police chief told state news agency Zinhua that the 13 explosions hit locations including a hospital, a food market and a bus station, state news agency Xinhua reported.

State-run broadcaster CCTV cited a police chief saying the blasts were caused by “parcels containing explosives,” without providing further information.

Both CCTV and Xinhua said three people had been killed and at least 13 injured. NBC News could not immediately confirm that tally.

Images posted to Twitter by the Chinese media outlets appeared to show partially collapsed buildings, rubble in the streets, and at least one plume of smoke above the city.

The incident is being investigated as a criminal act, Xinhua reported.

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