Charleston Jazz Club Presents “Hand in Hand” A Tribute to Emanuel AME Church Family

The 6th Annual Charleston Jazz Jam “Hand in Hand” – A Tribute to the Mother Emanuel AME Church Family, will be held from 5pm to 9pm, Sunday, October 18th, 2015, at the Dock House on Bowen’s Island.

Organized by Dennis Fassuliotis, local businessman and founder of the Charleston Jazz Club, and Steve Simon, renowned jazz musician and concert producer, the 6th Annual Charleston Jazz Jam is an unscripted, unrehearsed four-hour live jazz concert that is free to the public and will feature over 50 of the greatest jazz musicians in Charleston.

“Hand in Hand is our musical tribute to Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church. On October 18th the jazz community is coming together to dedicate its music to the rich history of the Mother Emanuel AME Church and to honor the families of its heros, the survivors and all of the church’s members,” said Simon.

Simon will emcee this popular annual event and his band, The Kings of Jazz, will start the show with Chris Williams on keyboards, Wayne Mitchum on bass, Jonathan Peace on drums, LeRoy Smalls, Jr. on saxophone, Paul Quattlebaum on guitar, Steve Simon on clarinet and jazz vocalists Bobbie Storm and Bobby Alvarez.

“With over 50 great local jazz artists already committed, this is just the beginning of our line up…….and, as we have seen each and every year, surprise guest performers always show up too. This is a great opportunity to hear great jazz, to showcase some of Charleston’s best musicians and to honor the Mother Emanuel AME Church family,” said Fassuliotis.

Fassuliotis founded the Charleston Jazz Club in 2009 to promote jazz in the Charleston area and to bring jazz musicians and jazz enthusiasts together for the first time using a social networking site The club is one of the only virtual jazz clubs in the world. “This year’s event is obviously very personal for all of us.” Fassuliotis said, “Our hearts have been touched by the grace of forgiveness inspired by the entire congregation of Mother Emmanuel AME Church. Wherever we go from here the music will follow,” stated Dennis Fassuliotis.

The 6th Annual Charleston Jazz Jam is being sponsored by Steve Simon & Downing Simon, Elaine Mincey & Dennis Fassuliotis, and David Berger, the owner of How Art Thou Jazz Café & Tapas Bar. “So many of Charleston’s great jazz musicians perform at our club that we just want to be a part of what Fassuliotis and Simon are doing in tribute to Mother Emmanuel and to further live jazz in Charleston,” stated David Berger.

There is no admission fee for the Jazz Jam but everyone will be encouraged to join with all of the musicians to help financially support the Mother Emanuel AME Church Scholarship Program.

For more information contact:
Dennis Fassuliotis
Charleston Jazz Club
PO Box 31
Charleston SC 29402 843-270-1016
Steve Simon
The Kings of Jazz
319 Sumter Street
Charleston, SC 29403

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