Bio-fluorescent turtle swims in Solomon Islands water

A discovered glow-in-the-dark sea turtle off the Solomon Islands is blowing minds in the science world. It’s the first reptile ever seen with bio-fluorescence. That’s the ability to reflect the blue light of the ocean as a different color.

The video was captured in July by David Gruber, a New York scientist, in the South Pacific Ocean. He was researching sharks and coral reefs with bio-fluorescence using a specially outfitted camera when the neon sea turtle swam by.

CNN says the reptile emitting neon green and red light is a hawkbill sea turtle. Gruber said the turtle looked like an “alien spaceship” when he first saw it swimming in the water.

Scientists have discovered the presence of bio-fluorescence in corals, arthropods such as crabs and insects, and more than 200 species of sharks and fishes, according to CNN.

The phenomenon isn’t the same as bio-luminescence — that’s the ability to actually emit light through chemical reactions.

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