Report: Twitter looks to expand its character limit

CALIFORNIA (WIVB) — Reports surfaced Tuesday suggesting Twitter is looking to build out its message-sharing platform to allow longer Tweets in an attempt to attract additional users.

According to re/code, Twitter coders are working to develop a product that will allow users to Tweet out messages longer than 140 characters to their followers. Company employees who spoke to the tech website said with interim CEO Jack Dorsey at the helm of the company, things are starting to change.

Twitter is reportedly looking to grow its user base and with it, its revenue. Although one of Twitter’s hallmarks has been its brevity, it’s generally accepted that the product would attract more users if more information could be included in each post.

The company has shown it isn’t afraid to get under the hood of the car and grease the gears with several changes that had both positive and negative effects on its user base. Recently, Twitter instituted retweets with comments that allow users to structure tweets that are longer than the average tweet. The company also did away with its character limit in direct messages.

Whether or not the company will expand its character limit remains to be seen, however, News 2 wants to know your opinion.Cast your vote in the poll below:

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