Charleston Police Department Awarded Homeland Security Grant

The Charleston Police Department will use an $11,059 State Homeland Security grant awarded by the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to purchase equipment for its Underwater Recovery Team (Dive Team).

The department was awarded the grant on September 14, 2015.
It will be used to purchase four underwater scene lights and seven handheld dive lights.

“This grant allows us to update our underwater lighting ability far beyond what was previously possible,” said Lt. Arthur Myers, commander of the Dive Team. “With the four scene lights, we will be able to provide light at critical scenes as never before, extending our operations to hours of darkness if an emergency exists.”

“Further, the handheld lights will dramatically improve our individual diver‟s abilities to see and search far beyond the current capacity of the team,” Myers said. “Our ability to do improved and more thorough sweeps of docks, piers, and hull bottoms will allow us to assist SLED and other agencies more thoroughly and give us better detection abilities.”

“This grant is a huge help in maintaining „the best‟ equipment for the dangerous missions we engage with, and we thank SLED for its funding,” he said.
The equipment will be used in training exercises with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, North Charleston Police Department, Charleston County Sheriff‟s Office, Charleston Fire Department and Mount Pleasant Fire Department.

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