Car Recalls: What You Need To Know

No matter what kind of car you drive – you’ve probably been impacted by a recall. Last year, automakers recalled a record 64 million vehicles.

WCBD’s sister station 7 On Your Side asked Jennifer Gilewski, of the Better Business Bureau of the Upstate for the information you need to know.

“Some of them are very basic recalls, like problems with the radio, or windshield wipers or something,” Gilewski explained, “but if there’s something wrong with the airbags, or something like that, those are probably pretty serious and need to get checked out right away.”

The BBB recommends getting the recall fixed as soon as possible. You’ll get a letter in the mail from the manufacturer telling you about the recall.

You can also search online with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to see if your car is impacted by any recent recalls.

They also recommend keeping your receipts when you get your car repaired. If the part is later recalled the manufacturer could give you a refund.

“If something had broken and they just didn’t realize it was a recall at the time, they’d give it back to you, basically because you’ve already paid for it,” Gilewski said.

As for used cars, their best advice is checking for any recalls before you purchase the car.

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