2 Children bitten by dog in Marion Square

Two children bitten by a dog in Marion Square this weekend. Fam Jam and the Farmer’s Market were both going on on Saturday when those bites happened. The first child was bitten on the leg, and the second bitten on the shoulder. The dog is a one-year-old boxer mix with the Charleston Animal Society and according to the Animal Society’s CEO, Joe Elmore, the dog passed multiple aggression tests and had never shown any aggressive behavior before this weekend.

Elmore says, “It really astounds us because this dog has no history of aggression toward people or animals and just last week he was just out at the water park and has been playing with the foster volunteer’s grandkids and everything, and has gone through his assessments really well and veterinarians’ assessments well, so we’ve had over 300 dogs through this type of community ambassador program and we’ve never had this to occur before.”

News 2 spoke to the mother of the three-year-old who was bitten on the shoulder. She says the child has already had one surgery and doctors think he will need two more over the next week to treat the eight centimeter bite to his shoulder. While speaking to the mother on the phone, she questioned why the dog remained in Marion Square after it bit the first child on the leg. According to Elmore, the dog’s foster wanted to remove it and bring it back to the Charleston Animal Society, but was instructed to stay in Marion Square by police. It was when the police were talking to the dog’s foster that the second bite happened.

The Charleston Animal Society says usually when a dog bites a human the protocol is to put the dog down. The Animal Society is still investigating the incident to find out what caused the dog to become aggressive and says they have not reached a decision about the dog’s future at this time.


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