Man’s wedding ring lost in lake in 1976 found and returned

DIAMOND POINT, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Deep under the sands and cold waters of Lake George, Dr. James Flynn’s wedding ring was lost for nearly 40 years.

He lost the gold band he designed specially with his wife while swimming in Basin Bay near his summer home dock.

“We gave up hope after a futile search of the bottom at that time,” he said.  “So after a while the memory of the loss faded.”

Seasons, even decades passed with no sign of the family treasure, until this summer.

The Flynn’s neighbor, Peggy Rodman saw something shiny while snorkeling in the Lake.

“She had found something between our dock and the Flynn dock here,” said another neighbor, Peggy Higgins-Abele. “She asked me if we lost a ring and we had many friends over the years lose rings earrings what have you in the lake.”

Neighbors posted on Facebook to find the owner.

“This being a very popular water sports bay it could be anywhere it could belong to anybody,” said Higgins-Abele.

But when neighbors showed the gold band to Mrs. Flynn, she recognized it immediately. The couple was overcome with emotion. The ring had come full circle.

“I think the emotion was largely nostalgia,” said Dr. Flynn. “Here is that ring that was a witness to what’s happened at the lake over those 40 years. So that ring symbolized being a witness to all of the wonderful events we cherish at Lake George.”

Dr. Flynn says this isn’t the first time he lost something in Lake George. He also lost his college ring. Now he takes off all his jewelry before going near the water.

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