Quick-Acting Kids Save Teenage Girl

A teenage girl has her 7-year-old brother and 11-year-old cousins to thank for her life.

15-year-old Amaya Parran was trying to remove a wild skink from the garage of her family’s home when she fell onto an empty aquarium. Amaya was bleeding out when her brother Londen Brown called for help of a man driving by and their twin cousins Kierra and Kayvon Vanderhorst.

Parran has 36 stitches in her leg and nearly lost her thumb from the incident. “It could have been much worse,” said Kayvon Vanderhorst. Kayvon talked her through the pain while Kierra put pressure on Amaya’s leg wound with towels. “I usually pass out when I see blood,” said Kierra Vanderhorst, ” that was a lot of blood, but I didn’t so I feel proud of myself.”

The kids’ older relatives are proud and believe the swift response were fueled by adrenaline. “To know that they were able to make quick and fast decisions it was awesome,” said Shalenna Greene, Amaya and Londen’s mother.

The family says the skink that instigated the accident is still at-large.


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