Thousands attend 9/11 memorials throughout the Lowcountry

SUMMERVILLE, SC – It’s been 14 years since the horrific 9/11 terror attacks, and for 10 years now the Summerville Orchestra has been paying tribute to the victims and the first responders who lost their lives that day.

Betty Settle plays in the Summerville Orchestra and said, “We decided that we would like to honor the first responders in Summerville because they are so important and are sometimes overlooked. We thought the 9/11 concert would be a great opportunity to honor them.”

Everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing, and how that fateful day changed history.

South Carolina House Representative Jenny Horne was at the concert in Summerville and thanked the Americans who enlisted 14 years ago.

Horne said, “In the aftermath of 9/11, a lot of men and women signed up for the military because they felt the call of duty and for that we are a grateful nation.”

Earlier today in Mount Pleasant, over 120 fire departments were represented and walked in memory of those lost.

They traveled from Water Front Park to downtown and back with full gear on.

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