Scott Family Attorneys: New Evidence Changes “Nothing”

Walter Scott’s family and attorneys are unfazed by the new evidence former officer Michael Slager’s defense team submitted Tuesday afternoon.”It has nothing at all to do with when the video starts and the shooting that took place,” said Scott family attorney Chris Stewart in front of the Charleston county courthouse, “Officer Slager’s life wasn’t in danger anymore and he never should have shot.”

Attorneys for the jailed Slager filed a more than 150-page document with new information for the former North Charleston police officer’s upcoming bond hearing. The Scott family attorneys were dismissive of the paperwork that alleges Scott was on drugs during the April 4th confrontation. “This is information that they would have known prior to arresting this officer,” said Scott family attorney Justin Bamberg, “I don’t think there was anything in this filing that changed whether or not this should be pursued as a murder case.”

Bamberg and Stewart also joined by Walter’s brother Anthony Scott, showed large photos from the the new filing including Officer Slager’s scraped knee and the back of the his uniform. “This was not some large confrontation so they can’t make this out to be some bigger battle than it was,” said Stewart, “it ended when Mr. Scott ran away and he shouldn’t have shot – there’s just no legal justification for that.”

“I don’t believe there was anything in particular in here that changes what that officer did,” concluded Bamberg holding a screen shot of the video with Slager pointing a gun at a fleeing Scott.

The Scott family will be present at Slager’s bond hearing Thursday, but will not be addressing the former officer in a victim impact statement. Walter’s brother acknowledged Slager’s constitutional right to bond hearing. “I don’t think he should be allowed to be out on bond, I don’t feel comfortable with that,” said Anthony Scott, “he murdered my brother.”

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