Upcoming plans for Main Road

Flooding on Main Road has caused drivers headaches over the past couple days. The road either had only one lane open or was closed completely. The good news is, as of Thursday, drivers no longer have to deal with detours and longer than normal commutes. Both lanes, on and off John’s Island, are open for traffic. Many people are concerned that heavy rain could make this happen again, so News 2 went to Charleston County and the Department of Transportation to find out what they are doing to fix the problem.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is chalking the flooding up to record rainfall combined with high tides, but what many people are focusing on: the drain pipes.

Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey says, “We need to take a comprehensive look at what the drainage problems in that area are and solve them.”

SCDOT Spokesman James Law says, “”Sorry it’s in the roadway, but it is what it is. Whether we can do that with more drainage or… The engineers will look at all of that, but the overwhelming cause of all of this is the fact that we had high tides and an exorbitant amount of rain in a short period of time.”

Today, Charleston County and the Department of Transportation were working to lay more than 3,800 sandbags along Main Road to keep back any rising tides. The vacuum truck was also removing leftover water.

Law says, “Some problems with where the runoff went to. Some of it was on CSX’s right of way, not that they’re at fault for any of this, and we are going to do a combined effort. We’ve got meetings set up with them in fact starting tomorrow about trying to alleviate the problem.”

The SCDOT says they do not have a plan in place yet to prevent more flooding, but a plan is in the works for the Charleston County Council.

Summey says, “We’re going to go in front of Council next week, we’re going to take some money away from that super street idea they have and put something toward real drainage and a real new intersection with a fly over at 17 and Main. It’s time, we’ve really got to get something done over there.”

Elliott Summey says the past week is proof of the need for the 526 extension.

He says, “Yes it is, but we need to fix the infrastructure we have now too. There’s two things going on, we need new roads and bridges and we need to fix and make the most of the ones we have as well.”

The SCDOT says they will need to keep the sandbags along the roadway until at least Saturday.

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