Paul Tinkler has Dropped Out of Charleston Mayoral Race

Courtesy: Facebook

The field is growing smaller in the Charleston Mayoral race.

Paul Tinkler has dropped out of the race. He tweeted, “After considerable thought & discussion w/ family & friends, I announce I’m ending my campaign & withdrawing my candidacy for Mayor”

He posted his full statement on his facebook page:

“Supporters, Friends, and People of Charleston,

After considerable thought and much discussion with my family and close friends, I announce today that I am ending my campaign and withdrawing my candidacy for Mayor of Charleston. I cannot fully express how much I have enjoyed the last year on the campaign trail, meeting Charlestonians and discussing the issues that affect us all.

However, campaigning and maintaining a law practice have become increasingly more difficult to balance. Unexpected and significant professional obligations have taken my attention from the campaign and vice versa.

My campaign staff and supporters deserve a candidate who is fully able to give 100% to the race during the remaining two months. Their efforts and contributions have carried me this far and have given me a voice in this race. Their confidence in me is supremely gratifying. I thank them for all they have done for the betterment of this community. This election is shaping up to be a much-needed debate about our City’s future.

Charleston is the best city in the world and only such a debate can keep it that way.

Most of all, I thank my family—Libby, Mary, and William—who have given me their unwavering support during this one-year quest. Charleston has offered us so much. I can only hope that I have made my own contribution by giving our community some useful ideas.

Paul Tinkler”

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