Nordstrom Rack has Arrived in the Lowcountry

Nordstrom Rack open in Mount Pleasant (Image 1)

Eager shoppers lined up around the Bowman Place Shopping Center early on Thursday morning to be the first inside of the new Nordstrom Rack in the Lowcountry.

Some shoppers camped out at 3:00 a.m. on Thursday morning just to be the first in line.

While in line, those waiting were treated to free coffee, mini blueberry muffins, gourmet toaster strudels, mini bottled waters and they even passed out free sunglasses.

At 8:00 a.m. employees of the store started the celebration by giving away $100 gift cards to the store in a ticket raffle.

One lucky lady won a $1,000 gift card moments after arriving and standing in line with the rest of the happy shoppers.

Bonnie Wienberg said “I’m in a daze right now, you know, because I just got in line a few minutes ago so this was fabulous.”

Once it hit 8:59:50 a.m., the countdown began and shoppers got to enter the store where they were greeted by employees clapping and cheering in excitement about the store’s opening.

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