Repairing the flood damage in Shadowmoss Plantation

On Tuesday, most of the flooding is gone from Shadowmoss Plantation, but now the hard work begins… fixing the damages.

Gary Gooden lives in Shadowmoss, he says, “I had about $700 of mulch that was put in the yard and all of that is damaged. It went inside the garage and now I have to try and clean up all the mulch that’s in the house.”

Another neighbor told News 2 he just put in brand new hardwood floors three months ago, and now they’re ruined. Dawn Hale had to pull up all the carpeting and start over.

Hale says, “After we move everything out, dry out all the house, and they have to come in and rip out 4 feet of the drywall to get up in there and dry that out. And then once they get finished with that, they’ll have to come in and replace everything.”

Multiple disaster restoration companies were parked throughout the neighborhood today.

Ralph Boccucci with Clean Masters says, “We are initially going to extract water from the wet carpet so that it’s easier to actually remove and carry out.”

They went through the homes taking photos, giving estimates, and planning the next steps.

Boccucci says, “We have a variety of digital or electronic equipment we can actually see how much water is in the walls.”

Dawn Hale says she’s been through this before, when the neighborhood flooded seven years ago. She says it took three months to repair the flood damage.

Hale says, “It’s definitely very inconvenient as far as packing up, and moving out, and then moving back in in such a short period of time.”

Although it is a hassle and not what most of these neighbors hoped to do today, they all told News 2 they are very thankful to have flood insurance.

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