Heather Elvis’ accused killers receive permission to move to Florida

Sidney and Tammy Moorer heading to court August 6, 2015.

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The couple accused in the kidnapping and murder of Heather Elvis has received permission to move to Florida.

According to Kirk Truslow, attorney for Sidney Moorer, the confirmed order was signed that allows Sidney Moorer to relocate to Florida. Truslow adds the consent to modify the bond order was clocked in the Clerk of Court’s office Tuesday. Sidney Moorer’s wife, Tammy Moorer, received the same order that allows her to move to Florida, according to her attorney Greg McCollum.

Both Sidney and Tammy Moorer are charged with kidnapping and murder in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis.

Truslow notes that Sidney Moorer is currently on home detention monitoring, and that will not change. Moorer is required to check in with home detention at a minimum of once a month. Truslow adds that motion is effective immediately, and the Moorers could move to Florida today if they wish.

This bond modification approval follows two requests to change the bond of Sidney and Tammy Moorer over the past five weeks.

Jimmy Richardson with the 15th circuit solicitor’s office confirms a second bond modification was filed by Kirk Truslow, attorney for Sidney Moorer. Specifics of the modification cannot be released because of the gag order on the case, Richardson adds.

“Bond or bond modification is based on two things, danger to the community and flight risk. So every bond that’s ever set for any crime that’s what the judge will consider. And any modification it’s basically the same thing,” Richardson said.

Investigators close road near home of pair charged in Heather Elvis' death (Image 1)

The first bond modification hearing was in Charleston on August 6. Judge Markley Dennis granted Sidney Moorer and his wife Tammy Moorer, the ability to travel to Florida for a job interview.

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