Washington, DC mailman delivers winning SC lottery ticket

Washington, DC mailman delivers winning SC lottery ticket

COLUMBIA, SC – Deborah Jefferson got a South Carolina Education Lottery ticket in the mail.

Her boss mailed the ticket to her home in Washington, DC, while he was in Charleston on a business trip in May.  This week, Jefferson took a day off from work and flew the 480 miles to South Carolina to cash in that very ticket, a $100,000 winner.

“I haven’t told my boss yet,” confessed Jefferson, but says she’ll break her three month’s silence when she returns to work.

But first she had to make absolutely sure the ticket was indeed a winner.  Even after inspecting it under a magnifying glass, she couldn’t bring herself to fully believe she won.  But, she says that didn’t stop her from yelling and screaming she hit the Lottery when she saw a $100,000 prize.

As for her boss, Jefferson says he won’t be mad she won, only happy for her.

“I will tell him that he had a $100,000 ticket in his hand and didn’t know it,” she said.

One top prize of $100,000 remains in the $5 Funky 5’s game, at odds of 1 in 432,000.

For selling the claimed ticket, Kangaroo Express #874 in Mount Pleasant received a commission of $1,000.

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