Berkeley County replacing football helmets at Stratford

News 2's Brad Franko talks to BCSD Director of Athletics Charlie Davis about replacing 2-Star rated helmets with new 5-Star helmets.

CHARLESTON, SC – A News 2 I-Team investigation is again prompting changes in Berkeley County.

With week 0 of the high school football season kicking off on Friday, Berkeley County School District’s Director of Athletics, Charlie Davis, is not taking any chances when it comes to player safety.

“It’s one of the things we have control over in terms of safety, and we want to make sure we exercise that control,” Davis said.

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That control comes over the type of helmets worn by student athletes. After we started asking questions about Stratford High School still having 32 of the 2-Star rated Schutt Air Advantage helmets in its inventory, Davis benched those helmets and ordered brand new 5-Star rated helmets to replace them. The Star ratings are given by the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating system which tests every helmet on the market, and grades them based on their ability to prevent concussions.

“We want to be responsive to any kind of safety issue, and if we can put our student athletes in the best equipment we possibly can, we want to do that,” said Davis.

Our original investigation one year ago, found one star rated helmets being used at Cane Bay and Berkeley High Schools. Charleston County schools also had one star helmets in their inventory, but the director of athletics David Spurlock issued a memo to make sure they stayed on the shelf.

The 2-Star helmets that are still being used at a handful of CCSD schools are being phased out over the next year or two, but Spurlock says there is no immediate plan to replace them before that time.


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