2 Your Health: Giving the gift of life; first-hand account from 18-year-old battling bone cancer

Hannah Warren let’s her fingers do a lot of her talking.  She is 18 years old, writes a blog and has cancer . “I have ewing sarcoma which is a pediatric bone tumor and I found it in April of last year” Hannah said.

She remembers the moment she first discovered the bone tumor.  It was April of 2014. “I was getting into the shower and I went to scratch my back and there felt like there was a tumor.”

Hannah had not been having a lot of pain.  She said up until the discovery she felt pretty normal. “My back had been bothering me a little bit but I just thought I had been crossing my legs too much.”

Ewings sarcoma is a rare bone cancer that is found primarily in children.  Hannah spent her high school senior year thinking about college and going to cancer treatment. “It has been chemotherapy for almost a year now.”

Hannah also received blood as part of her treatment. Hannah’s mom Torey Warren says that everything about their lives is different now. “We had no idea they morning that we woke up that our lives would change and unfortunately no one know that.”

Now Torey is a regular blood donor. “Giving the gift of life”  is no longer a slogan, it is essential to keeping Hannah alive. “I’ve started giving blood because I have seen what my daughter has gone through and if she can do that then I can go for about an hour and do the same.”

Hannah is still excited about attending college at Clemson University. “I hope to be an animal and veterinary science major.”

There are signs that she will be in Tiger country in a few weeks but her start will be delayed. “I am not I still have some treatment left to go I am hoping to head up to Clemson maybe in the spring but we will see.”

She doesn’t feel the same way everyday she admits in her blog. “I feel good today, I am having a good day today.”

If you would like to follow Hannah’s journey her blog is http://www.hannahkathryn.com.


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