City Council Approves Big Changes; Panhandling now illegal, Hampton Park updates

Big changes are on the way to the City of Charleston.

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 18, City Council approved the panhandling ordinance and made it illegal to pass anything to or from a person in a car while the driver is in a traffic lane in the city. This approval also includes organizations standing in intersections collecting donations. City Council says they approved the ordinance because it’s a dangerous practice.

A press release from the City of Charleston says enforcement begins on September 18th. According to the ordinance, fines can be up to $1,092 or 30 days in jail through Livability Court.

attention city panhandling

The future of Hampton Park was also on the agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting. The lease agreement for Parks Conservancy to re-open an existing building in Hampton Park as a cafe also passed. The Cafe will also be able to serve beer and wine in the popular part of downtown Charleston.

The Parks Conservancy is also allowed to now revitalize the old horse barn into an event space and refurbish the Governor’s House.


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