Sport injury prevention

CHARLESTON, SC – The 2015-2016 school year is in full swing and that means thousands of kids across the Lowcountry are enrolled in after school sports. According to Safe Kids Worldwide over 1.3 million kids go to the emergency room each year because of a sport related injury.

Medical Director Dr. David Geier with East Cooper Sports Medicine says, he sees many sport related injury cases. Some kids come in with a minor injury such as a bruised bone or muscle, while others suffer from a torn acl. Dr. Geier says, no matter the severity of the injury, it’s important for kids to listen to their bodies and make sure to communicate with their coaches and parents if they get hurt. If certain injuries like a torn acl are left untreated they are known to sideline kids for the entire year.

When it comes to the summer heat, Dr. Geier says, it’s important for kids to ask to sit out for a couple minutes if they are feeling overheated and this will allow the body to cool down. He also reminds kids to drink plenty of water before, during and after practice.

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