First day of school for thousands of students in Charleston area

CHARLESTON, SC – Monday morning more than 50,000 students went back to school in Charleston County. Around 1,100 Jennie Moore students began their new year in a new state of the art facility.

At 7:05 a.m. the rallying call came across the intercom, “Everybody to your duty station. The show is about to begin.”  The summer break  came to an end Monday morning, but it was welcomed news for many. Third grade student Mckenzie Washington says, “Glad to go to school to learn. Ready to do some math inside school.”

Monday the doors officially opened for students at the new $39 million dollars Jennie Moore School for Creative Arts.  Parent Meghan Manley  says, “We’re very excited. They’re excited to be the first kids in new school it’s a beautiful building. We got to walk around in there it’s amazing. I think they’re going to have a good time here.”

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Kindergarten student Tenley Scanga is excited too, her reasons are a bit more practical. She says, “I’m excited because my mommy’s here.” Tenley’s mother Tricia Scanga is a first grade teacher here. Both are new to the Lowcountry. Scanga says, “This is a whole new experience for me. This is a brand new school amazing facility. So excited to meet the new students and this is a new community for me because I just moved down a few weeks ago.”

The new Jennie Moore has four high tech computers labs.  Principal Karen Felder says, “It’s so much fun to finally have people in here to get the children back in  and we are looking forward to a great school year.”

One teacher has a tradition to ensure its a great year for her students. Anna Hilton has worn the same dress on the first day of school for the last 30 years. Hilton says, “My father bought me this dress and 30 years at Jennie Moore and I’ve loved every minute of it.   I’ve had it hemmed a little bit but it’s very forgiving in the waste line.” 1:

The new Jennie Moore shares the Sweetgrass campus with Laing Middle School on Bulrush Basket Lane off of Hamlin Road.

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