Deadly year for Dorchester County

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC – A Ridgeville couple slain Friday became the 14th and 15th homicide victim in the county in 2015.  According to records, just 10 people were killed in 2014.

“Some years are worse than others and we are trying to go through a crime analysis process and look for trends,” said Dorchester county chief Deputy Sam Richardson. Richardson said his agency is eating in the investigation for the double killing in Ridgeville but that they do not count those numbers toward their own official records. “The corners numbers speak about the entire county effort but our numbers talk on unincorporated Dorchester County,” said Richardson, a 23-year veteran with DCSO.

Barring the Ridgeville murder investigation that the County deputies are assisting with, DCSO has investigated seven murders this year with only two remaining unsolved. In each of the solve cases, Richardson said people calling in to crimestoppers has made the difference. “We’ve had a good community intervention and if we can get that to continue,” said Richardson “we’ll see a difference in the uptick.”

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