Charleston “Lost at Sea” survivor reacts to missing teens, hoping for happy ending

Austin and Perry, missing off the coast of Florida

As people across the country continue to pray for the Florida teens who went missing during a fishing trip last Friday, one man from Charleston is sharing his story of survival.

Troy Driscoll was 15-years-old when he and his best friend went fishing off Sullivan’s Island in 2005.

They set out in a 15-foot sailboat with no sail and motor, and their situation changed drastically when they got caught in a rip tide, sending them lost at sea for 7 days and 6 nights, with no land in sight.

The boys ate jelly fish and rinsed their mouths with salt water in hopes to relieve their extreme thirst and hunger and at night, they huddled together to stay warm.

On day 7, a fishing boat nearby rescued them off the coast of North Carolina, 100 miles from where they set off to fish.

When Troy Driscoll, 15 at the time, and Josh Long, 18 at the time, were rescued, they were starved, sun-burned, and severely dehydrated.

Driscoll is now 25-years-old and still lives in Charleston. The two, now grown men with children of their own, are still very close. They still go out fishing but they have a new found respect for the ocean.

Driscoll says he hopes Austin and Perry’s ending is a happy one but he does admit, their stories are different. He said “I feel so bad for the families, the only reason I feared for the two boys is that they found their boat and that is a big key to survival.”

Troy Driscoll and Josh Long with News 2's Octavia Mitchell
Troy Driscoll and Josh Long with News 2’s Octavia Mitchell

News 2’s Octavia Mitchell caught up with Troy and Josh on the 10 year anniversary of their unforgettable fishing trip. 

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