8 people stuck on Indianapolis zoo skyline, rescue underway

Multiple people stuck on the Indianapolis Zoo ride on July 30, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Zoo’s Skyline ride has been closed and the Indianapolis Fire Department was called to bring eight people down from the ride.

Carla Knapp with the Indianapolis Zoo confirmed that the ride is currently down.

Knapp said that the ride stopped due to a mechanical issue with the gondola’s motor and that the Skyline safety systems performed as designed.

PHOTOS: Eight people stuck on Indianapolis Zoo’s Skyline Ride

Knapp said that eight guests, including three children, were stuck on two cars.

The children are aged two, eight, and 10.

“Utilizing the Zoo’s equipment, Zoo staff with assistance from Indianapolis Fire Department are in the process of escorting guests off the ride,” said Knapp. “We are in the process of diagnosing the cause of the stop and we will not reopen the ride until we know definitively that the issue has been identified and fixed.”

“Our staff is in the process of diagnosing the issue and I’ll have more information as it becomes available,” said Knapp.

In June, 10 people were rescued after a technical issue on the ride.

The ride was also closed after an October 2014 incident that also left several passengers stranded.

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