New age-progressed photo of missing Goose Creek teen

GOOSE CREEK, SC – Back in March of 1997, 14-year-old Kevin McClam disappeared from his Goose Creek home; but a newly released aged photo of what Kevin may look like now is bringing some home to his family.

Charles McClam’s son, Kevin, went missing on Easter Sunday back in 1997. “We realized that he wasn’t, you know, in his room,” said McClam. “It was like a nightmare back then and still the same now.”

Charles said his son was up late playing video games with his sister in their Goose Creek home on the Naval Weapons Station, but when the rest of the family woke up for breakfast, Kevin wasn’t in his room.

Witnesses reported seeing a person who matched Kevin’s description walking along a dirt road near his home during the afternoon hours the day of his disappearance wearing only sneakers and boxer shorts.

But after days of searching, no other signs of Kevin.

“Later on in the week they did find you know his clothing in a wooded area,” said McClam.

But that’s all they ever found.

Charles McClam told News 2, “You know, as a parent, you never ever give up hope on your children, or your child.”

And that’s why Charles says he periodically checks in with the Goose Creek Police Department and other investigating agencies.

Charles says he hopes the newly released aged photo of what Kevin may look like today, at age 33, could help.


McClam said, “We are hoping that it will touch their hearts or their minds and cause them to reach out to the authorities.”

In early 2006, police announced they were investigating Kevin’s case as a homicide after new forensic evidence and new tips from the public emerged. Even after publicly naming a suspect, they still have not found Kevin McClam.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is hoping the new photo can help bring closure to Kevin’s family.

McClam said, “Something did happen and it wasn’t right and your family is still here.”

Kevin’s family relocated to Georgia after Kevin’s disappearance.

They encourage anyone with information to reach out to authorities and help them bring home their son.

For more information on who to call, click here.

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