Dog euthanized after attack in North Charleston

UPDATE – The public information specialist at MUSC has told News 2 that Katherine Rizk, the victim of the pit bull attack, is currently conscious and in fair condition. Her vital signs are stable within normal limits and she may be uncomfortable.

MORE: Witnesses describe ‘vicious Pit Bull attack’ in Summerville

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Sunday night police officers responded to 9302 Ayscough Road on reports of a dog attack.

When police arrived at the scene they found a brown pit bull with blood stains on its mouth and lower body.

According to the police report the victim had severe injuries to her left arm and her legs. An officer applied a tourniquet to the victims left arm and leg before Dorchester County EMS arrived and administered first aid to the victim.

A witness told authorities he was walking his dog and saw the victim’s arm in the dog’s mouth, drag the victim and removed the victim’s arm from her body. Another witness driving by the scene told police he threw a guitar stand at the dog which caused the dog to release the victim. A third witness heard the incident from his home and ran to help the victim.

The police report states the dog was turned over to the Charleston Animal Society and was euthanized.

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