Cosby Mural Erased From Philadelphia Wall

Courtesy: NBC News

A Philadelphia mural featuring disgraced comic Bill Cosby and a series of other fathers is no more.

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program fast-tracked the decommissioning of the mural that sat under Amtrak tracks along N Broad Street near Glenwood Avenue in North Philadelphia. Besides Cosby, the mural, entitled Father’s Day,” also featured Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and other famous African-American dads.

On Thursday, all that remained where the once colorful mural stood was white paint.

Cosby has been maligned by a series of sexual misconduct allegations – but has been found guilty of no crime – but that has still made organizations that once honored the once beloved comedian to consider distancing themselves from the Philadelphia icon.

The Mural Arts Program had planned to decommission the painting due to damaged but they sped up the process.

“The Mural Arts Program doesn’t do murals under bridges any more because it deteriorates too quickly,” program spokeswoman Cari Feiler Bender told Newsworks.

“This mural was already on the list, so we took the opportunity, with all the recent headlines, to move this mural up to the top of the list to examine for decommissioning.”

No word if any part of this mural could be repainted on a nearby wall.

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