Veteran receives Mt. Pleasant home mortgage-free

Daniel Branham was chosen by the Military Warriors Support Foundation to receive the home.

MT. PLEASANT, SC – Back in May, the Lowcountry’s own Darius Rucker announced Wells Fargo was giving a home to a veteran here in Charleston. Thursday, Daniel Branham officially received that home in Mt. Pleasant. News 2’s Mayci McLeod was there when he walked through the door for the first time.

Daniel Branham was chosen by the Military Warriors Support Foundation to receive the home.

Sandy Ignaszewski with the Military Warriors Support Foundation says, “It’s very exciting and very heartwarming to see that you can provide something, some stability for them, a sense of belonging somewhere.”

In order to apply for the program, veterans must be combat-wounded, honorably separated from the military, and without a mortgage. They are also required to participate in a three year financial mentoring program.

Ignaszewski says, “Many families come in to this particular transitional time in their lives in debt because of injuries and travel.”

Daniel Branham served in the US Army for 3 ½ years. He deployed for 15 months to Iraq where he sustained multiple combat related injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, respiratory issues, and PTSD. He is moving into the house with his fiancé, Lillian, and their dog, Blue.

Lillian Capobianco says, “It almost feels unreal still.”

Branham says, “Yeah, it still hasn’t fully set in.”

The recently licensed sea captain and saltwater fisherman is excited the home is so close to the coast.

Branham says, “It’s just a dream come true. I always wanted to be a home owner but, I don’t know, the opportunity never seemed to arise and I found out about the Military Warrior Support Foundation and thought I could give it a try to apply for a free home and luck was on my side and I got it.”

The home comes completely renovated with brand new appliances.

Branham says, “I couldn’t have designed it better myself.”

Daniel and Lillian says they are so excited about the house they plan to sleep on some sleeping bags inside for their first night and hope to be all moved in by the first of August.

To apply for the Homes 4 Wounded Heroes Program, go to: <;

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