Paralyzed 5-year-old brought home from hospital; “I’m ready to lie on the couch and relax!”

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — It’s been exactly two months since 5-year-old Tyreik Gadsden was caught in the crossfire of a downtown Charleston shooting and was paralyzed from the waist down.

While it hasn’t been an easy two months for Tyreik and his family, today marked a milestone for the little hero; Tyreik left the hospital and is now staying at his aunt’s home in Summerville.

Tonight, News 2 asked Tyreik, “How are you feeling?” to which he replied, “Better!”

After two long months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout the Carolinas, Tyreik relaxed on his aun’t couch in Summerville.

Tyreik said he was most looking forward to eating cake, playing games, watching TV, and getting some rest.  Tyreik added, “…and that nobody is going to be bothering me in the nighttime!”

Tyreik also said he wasn’t feeling any pain.

The young boy was shot while walking out of his grandmother’s home near America Street in Charleston back on May 22nd.

The bullet lodged near his spine.


Today Tyreik’s aunt, Vanessa Hamilton, overcome with emotion, thanked the community for all the support.  Hamilton explained, “On the day he was having the bullet removed, I was on my way to North Carolina, and I called my Facebook friends and asked them to pray for him. What was supposed to be a four hour surgery turned into an hour-and-a-half; so I want to thank them for their prayers.”

Hamilton said it was an exciting, but hectic day. “He’s been excited to get out the hospital. I used to go visit him in North Carolina and he would say, ‘Mommy when am I going home?’ So he’s a little excited to be home.”

Tyreik, his mother, and two brothers, will be staying with Vanessa until they can find a wheelchair accessible home.

Vanessa has equipped her home in Summerville the best she can to make it easier for Tyreik, but she says there are many challenges ahead.

“I’m really new at this. I don’t know what else is going to happen, but I guess I’ll have to make adjustments as we go,” said Hamilton.

Tyreik said he’s not worried about what’s next, and he says he just wants to chill. “I’m ready to lay down on the couch!” said Tyreik.

The man who shot Tyreik, 27-year-old Calvin Brown Jr., faces two counts of attempted murder and a firearm charge in the case.

To help Tyreik and his family during their recover, click here.

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