2 Your Health: FDA approves treatment for fat underneath the chin

CHARLESTON, SC – If you have dieted and debated about having a double chin, the Food and Drug Administration listened.

The federal agency approved a treatment that will get rid of the fat under your chin permanently.  A Mount Pleasant dermatologist says the new Kybella treatment  is a game changer.

Hayley Brisacher says “Kybella”  peaked her interest because she could not shake the pocket of pudge under her chin.  She says her double chin is not because of her diet. It’s in her DNA.

“It is definitely from my parents so thats why its a concern of mine,”  Hayley said.  Currently, one doctor in South Carolina is trained to treat patients with Kybella.

Dr. Mauguerite Germain says fat around the chin and neck area doesn’t just add pounds to the face, it also adds the appearance of years. “When you gain weight in your chin area you always look like you are heavier than you are and it really bothers people’s self-esteem,”  Dr. Germain said.

Kybella works because of a naturally occuring molecule, called deoxycholic acid.  Dr. Germain says it’s  in our bodies all the time.  “It’s used by our bodies to absorb and digest dietary fat and once they fat cells are gone its gone from our bodies forever.”  Dr. Germain said.

No surgery, no time lost from work or play, and the results are permanent. Hayley says at 15 hundred dollars for each injection Kybella is worth it  “Once you get your result you have it forever.”

The most commonly reported adverse reactions during clinical trials were swelling, bruising, and numbness for a few weeks.

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