Berkeley County Council puts off final budget vote

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC – After nearly 3 1/2 hours of discussion and debate, on Monday, July 13, Berkeley County Council decided to put off action on a final budget.

County council members voted early on to increase 911 and fire fees in the county, but they decided against raising all other fees for now.

So many amendments to the proposed county budget were proposed, that residents demanded council wait, and let citizens read the proposed amendments before taking a final budget vote. Joseph Caplinger addressed council. “Letting the people come back and have an opportunity to look at it to have a say so. If they’re going to spend our money, I think that we ought to have a say-so in it.”

Council agreed to wait two weeks before a final budget vote.

County spokesman Michael Mulè says the delayed vote will mean. “A delay in hiring those new patrol deputies, a delay in hiring those EMS  techs, a delay in hiring additional detention center officers, a delay in hiring the new grant writer position that would’ve paid for itself.”

Caplinger says he is glad county residents will have that time to read through the proposed changes. “I’m glad. I’m happy that that happened. You know, I like to think that the turn out (helped.)”

The final budget vote is scheduled to Take place July 27th.

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