Children on IOP beach describe multiple shark sightings

ISLE OF PALMS, SC – There have been twelve shark attacks in the Carolinas since June 11th, and while only two of them have been here in the Lowcountry, many people we’ve spoken with say they’re being extra cautious in the water.

Dozens of people on the 42nd Avenue beach say they couldn’t take their eyes off the water, as sharks swam just feet from the shoreline Sunday evening.

It wasn’t until a father and his two young children actually felt the sharks swimming at their feet, did they get out of the water.

9-year-old Cameron Lorenz and her little brother, Van, were swimming in knee-deep water Sunday night, when they noticed something out of the ordinary.

Van said, “At first I felt something on my foot. Then I looked over I saw a fin. I ran out of the water as fast as I could and yelled, ‘Shark!’”

That’s when their dad, Dave Lorenz, ran in to help. “We did see a fin in the water and we were watching it and it was probably in ankle, knee-deep water…It was a good sized shark, probably about five or six feet,” explained Lorenz.

Lorenz says after getting his kids out of the water and making sure others on the beach were safe, he realized the shark wasn’t swimming anymore and was actually bleeding.

Cameron told News 2, “My dad pulled a dead shark out of the water.”

Isle of Palms Police confirmed the shark was dead when they arrived, but because it was in the water, other sharks were then drawn in.

Lorenz said, “We saw some other fins out there. There were some other people that saw other fins and when we did pull the shark out, there was a bite mark on the back side of it.”

No one was injured, except the shark, which had a fishing hook in its mouth.

But the Lorenz family said they realize this isn’t common and that it’s part of nature.

Dave said, “It’s nothing to get hysterical about.” Van added, “We are really invading their space.”

The Captain of the Isle of Palms Police Department told News 2 IOP Beach Services took the shark and buried it in a shallow grave along the coast, far from any swimming sites or civilian beaches.

Officials say the tide will eventually wash the shark back into the ocean and nature will take its course.

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