Caitlyn the dog is happy in her new foster home

Caitlyn and Oreo in her new foster home. July 12, 2015. Courtesy: Facebook

The Charleston Animal Society posted this image of Caitlyn the dog on their facebook page on Sunday night.

As of July 5th, Caitlyn is in her new foster home and she’s with her new boy as the Charleston Animal Society says. This adorable picture of Caitlyn in bed with her new owner is being shared online this morning. Caitlyn is still recovering after she was found back in May with her muzzle taped shut.

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Tuesday was a very exciting day for Caitlyn, it was her last day with the Charleston Animal Society. Tuesday afternoon Caitlyn went home to a medical foster family and will stay with that foster until her case is resolved in court.

Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty, Aldwin Roman, says, “She’s doing great, she’s continuing to heal . She still has those scars on her face which she may have for the rest of her life. Some of her fur will grow back but some of it is damaged beyond repair.”

Caitlyn’s on the mend, is getting settled in a foster home, and will be featured in the 2016 Charleston Animal Society Firefighter Calendar. She is posing with St. Andrews firefighter Joshua Allen.

Charleston Animal Society Director of Special Projects, Caroline Eller, says, “He was very proactive and actually asked about visiting Caitlyn before I could even ask him to. He wanted to make sure she was comfortable being around him because, of course, she’s a little more skeptical of men because it was a man that abused her. So Josh went into the emergency clinic and spent some time with her, loved on her, so she could feel completely comfortable during the photo shoot.”

And it seemed like Caitlyn was born to be a model.

Joshua Allen says, “Had an awesome day with her. Got to play in the sand, got to play in the water a little bit, I think she was more excited about the photo shoot and being in front of the camera than I was.”

And who could doubt Caitlyn’s smile?

Allen says, “She’s so adorable and she’s really lovable. I mean within the first couple seconds she was playing in my lap, licking my face. It was a great experience. I love Caitlyn.”

This is the third year the Charleston Animal Society has created the firefighter calendar. Last year, they netted $250,000 through the fundraiser. The money goes to Toby’s Fund, which provides medical care to rescued animals like Caitlyn.

Roman says, “It’s quite a burden to take on the expenses of all of these animals, like Caitlyn, that come in to us that need help. I think Caitlyn would be happy if she knew she was helping raise money for all of those other animals.”

With a celebrity like Caitlyn in the calendar, everyone involved is hoping to have a record-setting year.

Allen says, “I think it’s definitely going to help with the calendar sales and most importantly, it’s definitely going to raise awareness for Toby’s Fund. Caitlyn’s story definitely resonated with a lot of people, but there’s so many other Caitlyns out there and Toby’s Fund is just going to help those guys out too.”

The 2016 calendars are available for pre-order at

The Charleston Animal Society is also hosting a debut party for the new calendars on October 1st. Tickets for that go on sale July 1st at midnight and can be purchased at The Animal Society expects tickets to that event to be sold out within the first couple weeks.


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